Eat Healthy. Move Daily. Live Well.


I’m Julia Buckley, a registered dietitian nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer / pre-and post-natal fitness instructor who has a passion for turning nutrition research into actionable strategies to help nourish the whole family.  I’m mom to two boys and understand the challenges of balancing work and home life while also trying to create delicious and nutritious meals for a family.

My food philosophy… eat when hungry!  Of course, it’s not quite that simple.  What you eat does matter.  And while my diet consists primarily of whole-foods with a heavy focus on vegetables, I have my moments when all that will satisfy me is a burger with fries.  Hey, nobody’s perfect!

From the moment I decided to switch careers and earn my masters in Nutrition, I've always been fascinated by the notion that healthy habits start even before we are born.  My passion for pre-and post-natal, as well as childhood nutrition was what drew me to the field of health and fitness.  Through my comprehensive clinical dietetic training at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, my work as an inpatient Clinical Pediatric Dietitian at the Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, my outpatient experiences with The Valley Hospital's Center for Child Development, and my community experiences through HealthBarn USA as well as through providing lectures and workshops, I have had amazing opportunities in assisting parents and families realize their nutrition and health goals. 

Being responsible for nourishing another person, let alone ourselves, and developing his or her relationship with food is no small task.  And the ever-changing science and research doesn't make it any easier.  My goal is to teach fellow parents and families healthy habits for themselves and practical feeding strategies that will enable them to nourish healthy kids through all ages and stages.  It starts with us, the Moms, the Dads, the caregivers.  We are the example. I  truly believe that if we Eat Healthy and Move Daily, we (and our children) will Live Well.